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Back in March I attended a streamer education seminar taught by fly-fishing guru George Daniel. Since then I’ve had an opportunity to get to know George and even got to fish Spring Creek in State College, PA with him back in July. George Daniel Tying

There he showed us some streamer tying demos and one pattern I particularly liked was Mike Schmidt’s “Meal Ticket”. While the original version is built on articulation with two hooks, the single hook modified version was just right for streamer fishing in Pennsylvania and around that area. In fact, I’ve had plenty of eats from some nice Brown Trout with the non-articulated “Meal Ticket” on Central PA streams.

I use a size 2 Gamakatsu B10S hook or a Daiichi 2461 in a size 2. If I’m articulating I use a size 2 on the back and I’ve gone up to a size 1 for the front hook before.

Tie the weighted dumbbell eyes underneath the hook shank as that will act as the weight on the fly and give it nice motion when stripping it.

Tie on the rabbit strip, whether it is the tiger color as shown in the video or a simple olive or tan. (User preference)

I like the EP sparkle brush in gold to make the body, although a cheaper alternative is hackle flash although it doesn’t give the fly as full of a body. The sparkle brush is pricey and unfortunately for this pattern, you should use almost an entire strand to make one fly.

After wrapping it up the shank, pull the rabbit strip down in front of the dumbbell eyes and tie it down. Pull some of Senyo’s tan laser dubbing out and piece it together making the underbody and stomach.

Seal the threads with head cement and have fun fishing.

Another pattern I enjoy tying and fishing did not come from George’s lecture last spring. I did read about the pattern through another guide, Matt Miles who I fished with in the summer of 2014.

I didn’t use the pattern with him but I took to it in his fly box and not to mention the stupid name that came with it. The Sex Dungeon fly. Yes, that’s the name as this one definitely takes the cake for stupid fly names. But regardless of name, this fly is insanely effective.

Created by Kelly Galloup, this articulated beast at least throughout the Great Lakes region, is like crack to Smallmouth Bass. I’ve had countless chases and plenty of bruisers take this piece of meat and run with it.

While deer hair is not my strength, I’ve gotten to the point where I can get it to look decent on a fly but still make a huge mess all around my work station.

The back half of this fly is basically a Wooly Bugger on steroids. A size 1 or 2 Gamakatsu B10S hook with a black marabou tail. The shank is wrapped with Estaz and then weaved back through with Schlappen. This fly however, unlike the Meal Ticket, NEEDS articulation. Up front I used virtually the same hook either a Size 1 or 2 B10S.

Marabou on the tail and wrap the body with Estaz up to the dumbbell eyes tied BELOW the hook shank. Now the fun part begins. Spinning deer hair.Smallie on Sex Dungeon

I’ve struggled with deer hair for a long time and I’m starting to get better at applying it to flies but no better at not leaving a mess at my tying desk. I stack it on top then the bottom and repeat the process until I have a full head of hair. Then I start to trim and build a taper hoping I don’t cut myself on a hook.

The finished product is great and I can tell you this fly is deadly not only for some larger trout but also for Smallies and Pike.

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