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Fall in the Midwest

The calendar says October. But the thermometer doesn’t care as it hit 90 degrees this week. The 90 degree day, combined with a few other days in the mid to high-80s, Northeast Ohio doesn’t feel like fall has settled in yet.

For those of us longing for fall outdoor activities, we are still in summer mode for the most part. The water is low and warm with lots of sediment in the rivers due to the lack of rain. Steelhead aren’t here yet and the neighboring state’s trout fishing hasn’t been the usual early fall type of action, although it is quickly improving. Archery season started last weekend with temperatures in the 80s. Not fun to sit in a tree stand nor fun for the deer.

It won’t be long though before things finally change for good. At that point there will be no turning back as the Farmer’s Almanac tells us a long, cold and snowy winter lies ahead. No need to rush winter in as if the forecast holds true, we won’t be doing much of anything this winter other than feeding the fire and sitting inside.

Last weekend, I went on a hike through the Cuyahoga Valley National Park in a group hike with Appalachian Outfitters. Totaling almost five miles, it was definitely nice to explore a new trail I’d never hiked before and enjoy a calm weekend morning. Couple that with a bike ride on the Towpath the day before, the warm fall hasn’t been all bad.

Lots of green on the trees as we enter the second week of October

The trail I hiked started at Kendall Lake and went west through the CVNP on the Salt Run Trail. For those who say Ohio is flat, this trail had a lot of elevation changes and terrain that made me feel like it wasn’t just another Ohio hike. Humidity was high in the morning and it caused the five miles to feel double the length.

The issue with a hot and humid fall is the A/C runs during the warm nights. Then winter comes and the heat is engaged, locking us up in our homes for almost 12 months per year.

We can all sit and complain about the weather and dread the next season after fall passes us bye. However, life and the outdoors are what we make of it and the only people we have to blame for our lack of time is ourselves.

Salt Run Trail in the CVNP

Fall has always been my busiest season shifting careers over the last few years, and I’ve always never been able to fully enjoy the season. As someone who is now in a new career for the first time, starting the job back in August, I’ve got a lot on my mind and new responsibilities. But what I never realized is how much good a few hours away from every day life can do someone.

So go for a hike. Take the dog for a walk. Go ride your bike. Do something to connect with the natural world and take a deep breath. For me, hunting and fishing season come into their own this time of the year. With a few cool nights and some rain, fall will be here. If the prognosticators are right, I don’t want to be inside all winter, so I’ll be enjoying everything as much as I can, right now.

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